Results of the first meeting of HQCJ and PIC members


The Chairman of the Commission Roman Ihnatov welcomed the participants, noting that the PIC plays a key role in cleansing the judiciary and ensuring its integrity. In cooperation with civil society representatives, the HQCJ is able to achieve the best results in providing the justice system with personnel who meet high professional and moral standards.

“I hope we will not have any conflicts and will resolve the issues under discussion in a civilized manner,” said Chairman Roman Ihnatov to the PIC members.

 The first meeting was attended by 17 PIC members and 10 Commission members. They discussed, in particular, the following issues:

1. categories of judges included for qualification evaluation in the autumn of 2023 and the order of priority of this procedure:

- judges of the capital’s courts. Among them, the largest number of judges has not passed the qualification evaluation. We are talking about district, administrative, and commercial courts;

- “five-year judges”. They do not administer justice and thus do not reduce the workload in the courts, but they receive salaries;

- judges who have received negative PIC opinions and are waiting for the HQCJ’s decision at the plenary session;

2. the schedule of judges’ evaluation for October. The Commission members proposed that the PIC approve it by September 7, 2023;

3. access to judges’ dossiers, their completeness and form;

4. definition and approval of common criteria for judicial integrity;

5. a common position on appealing the PIC’s conclusions;

6. the procedure for the polygraph examination of judges, the formation of a common position.