Meeting with the International Anti-Corruption Advisory Board Members

Meeting with the International Anti-Corruption Advisory Board Members

The meeting with the members of the International Anti-Corruption Advisory Board was held in Kiev. It is aimed to provide expert assistance to the Committee on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption in strengthening parliamentary supervision for the realization of anti-corruption reform.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the strategic context of the developments in Ukraine in a sphere of anti-corruption policy.

The meeting was participated by the experts of the International Anti-Corruption Advisory Board Mr. Carlos Castresana, Ms. Anca Jurma, Mr. Giovanni Kessler, Mr. Drago Kos, Mr. Martin Kreutner, Mr. Jens Madsen, Mr. Daniel Thelesklaf and the Chairman of the HQCJ Mr. Sergii Koziakov, members of the Commission Mr. Andrii Vasylenko and Mr. Taras Lukash, acting head of the International Cooperation Division Ms. Yuliia Tkachenko.

Mr. Sergii Koziakov has told to international experts on anti-corruption measures that were introduced in the procedures of the Commission. One of the main themes to discuss was anti-corruption practices used by the HQCJ during the competition for vacant positions of judges in the Courts of Cassation of the new Supreme Court.

The Chairman of the Commission emphasized on the uniqueness of this competition for Ukraine, the same as for the European countries and drew the IACAB members’ attention on unprecedented openness and transparency of all procedures. Everybody had an opportunity to observe the process of competition at all its stages through broadcast on YouTube, except psychological testing part. Moreover, the Commission on its official website published judicial dossiers of candidates to the Supreme Court. It provided the opportunity for the Public to monitor the procedure of competition in a more effective way. In addition, public organizations were directly involved in the process of new judges’ selection to the Supreme Court through the Public Integrity Council.

Moreover, members of the Commission have answered the questions put by international experts on the methodology for scoring, features of procedures for depersonalization of written works of candidates, texts of practical tasks and overruling reasons for some opinions produced by the Public Integrity Council.

At the end of the meeting, the parties have discussed possible models of future specialized Anti-Corruption Court. Members of the Commission shared their professional understanding of the matter with the participants of the meeting and have expressed readiness to provide any contribution to the process of establishing of such court independently to its format if the law would impose this function on the Commission.

The event was conducted with the assistance of the EU Program “Anticorruption Initiative of the European Union in Ukraine” that was established by Danish Agency of International Development.

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